Fantasian Live Station

Offer your guests an impeccable Oriental Culinary experience. Just imagine their delight as they indulge in warm steam wafting from steamer baskets, the thrill and enticing sizzle of Stir fry in a wok, the impeccable taste and delicacy of Dim Sum and elegantly arrayed Sushi accompanied by a variety of unique, delectable desserts.

We will arrive promptly to set up our elegantly presented FantAsian Live Station and entertain your guests with an unsurpassed presentation of traditional Chinese Dim Sum, Japanese Sushi, and Asian Wok cookery. Our staff will clean-up and breakdown the stations while you enjoy your event and attend to your guests.

Whether you are hosting a first class business event, formal gathering or your city’s most sought after party, our unique FantAsian Live Stations will exceed your expectations and meet all of your catering needs.